The 8 Lessons 

A fundamental guide for lasting happiness through Yoga

Fail-proof techniques for developing strength and flexibility in the spiritual and the material worlds



Yoga Philosophy

A deep dive into the philosophical principles of yoga to uncover the value these ancient teachings can bring to your life and your practice.

Physical Yoga Poses

Pose basics, alignment and techniques that will improve every aspect of your yoga practice and allow you to aim even higher.

Structure of Yoga Poses

A comprehensive breakdown of poses that gives you practical insight into yoga by understanding its mechanics.

Breathing Techniques

An in-depth explanation of yogic breathing techniques to maximize lung capacity and harness your body's energy.

5-Hour Course

In the 8 Lessons, I will bring you with me on the same journey I took as a student, condensed into a 5-hour course with all the tools to get you to achieve new mental, physical and spiritual heights.

This course can also be used for Continuing Education Credits through Yoga Alliance.


Course Goals

Learn the true principles of yoga

Understand the physical aspects of yoga

Realize awareness of your body

Master breathing techniques

Optimize your energy levels

Grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually


"You are here to become your own master, to be true to yourself.” - Maitreya 

My very first yoga lesson was not the first time I took a yoga class. It was a private lesson in which my teacher made me stand in Samastithi for one hour straight. It not only changed how I approached yoga, but my life, too. And both forever. 

It broke me down and gave me the opportunity to build myself back up again. But, in a conscious way and following the true path of yoga. 

From that day forward, every lesson added another layer of knowledge to my practice and eventually the ability to pass it on to you.


"Rina has taken the time to get to know me and she has supported me through the process of assessing myself and understanding deeply who I truly am and who I truly want to become." - Michelle Pelletier

About Rina

Rina Jakubowicz has been teaching yoga for over 20 years with her distinctively vibrant and uplifting approach, making true yogic practice and philosophy accessible to students of all ages. An internationally recognized Master Instructor, Rina studied under Swami A. Parthasarathy, Sarkis Vermilyea and Ceci Lester. She developed the first accredited Spanish-language 200-hour Teacher Training program in the U.S. and is regularly invited to be a featured presenter at top yoga conferences around the world. She is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and founder of Rina Yoga.

"Hi Rina! This was the first class I ever took from you and I could immediately feel the beauty, light, and warmth that you radiate in your teaching. While doing this practice, I felt safe, loved (by you and myself!), and content. I know that you really live your yoga. You are a constant source of inspiration and I hope that you make even more videos! "

Scarlet White

"Rina, thank you for this divine yoga. Everybody should do this to understand what is yoga more about. I adore this."

Marija Strauss

"Rina, you never disappoint. Not only do you provide a wonderful practice physically, but also mentally and emotionally. You always make me smile with what you say. Thank you!"

Julia Young

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