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Course 1: 8 Lessons to Change Your Yoga and Life Forever

Join RINA for a online course giving you Confidence, Strength and Awareness ON and OFF the mat!!! :)

You will learn:

1. What is Yoga? As described in the ancient teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and in Vedanta Philosophy. 

2. The Foundation of All Our Physical Postures: Samastithi (Equal Standing Position)

3. The Foundation of Standing Poses: Warrior 2, Extended Side Angle Pose, Warrior 1, Twisted Side Angle Pose, Triangle Pose, Twisted Triangle Pose, Extended Forward Bend Pose. 

4. The Categories and Subcategories of Yoga Poses

5. How to Breathe Victorious Breath: Ujjayi Breath for on and off the mat

6. Learning the principles of your own true nature versus a foreign (alien) nature not natural to you and how that defines your quality of life. 

7. Dissecting Sun Salutation A 

8. And a surprise topic you'll LOVE!!!! :) 

All of this will give you a solid foundation plus great refresher reminders of how to practice optimally on the mat and how to live your life fully off the mat! 

You'll be confident and strong with heightened awareness! 

These are the first steps to advancing in your practice and eventually getting those inversions we all love to do! 

- $247 USD

Course 2: What is Yoga Really?

In this 1-hour lesson, you'll learn about the Paths of Yoga and how we have to take action off the mat in order to make a real difference. It may sound strong to say that your mind will be blown after watching this video, but that's what will happen. Especially if you've only studied Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Learn about your mind and intellect based on the ancient teachings and understand what is keeping you from being the best version of yourself today! Time to go deeper! Join Rina! -$37 USD

Course 3: 2 Lessons to Stand with Confidence On Your Mat

This online course will provide a thorough breakdown of how to approach your physical practice - from alignment to mentality. Learn the principles of Samastithi that are vital for a solid foundation in your practice and posture in life. Then the alignment and techniques learned for Sun Salutations will be much easier. Step-by-step on how to position your feet, hands, spine, and modifications depending on where you're at in your Sun Salutation. You'll never step foot on your yoga mat the same again! Join Rina! - $77 USD

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